Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spending the day with Author Mike Woody... 06 March 2012

Mike Woody is a friend and fellow Author at Rebel Ink Press. I am very pleased to have him here:

We’ll begin with some questions to learn a little more about you….

Would you Prefer…to never have sex, only foreplay Or to be able to have sex but only in your least favorite position? I suppose any sex is better than no sex, and it would be very ummm…HARD to stop at just foreplay so I would prefer to endure my least favorite position.

Would you Prefer…to rip your pants in public Or to wet your pants in public? I’d prefer to rip my pants over the smell from wetting myself.

Can you describe an embarrassing moment from your life? There’s been so many it’s hard to think of one. I embarrass easily. But the first to come to mind is I had tentatively scheduled a belly dancer to come be interviewed for an article in the newspaper I write for. She hadn’t confirmed the time so thought she wasn’t coming. Meanwhile, I dressed up as a woman for a charity event, and she showed up. So I had to interview this beautiful woman, who I’d never met before, dressed as a woman. And the hair from my blonde wig kept getting stuck in my lipstick and she’d pull it out. She was a really good sport. And we actually became friends and still keep in touch.

What movie title best describes your sex life? 8 Seconds.

Now we’ll get to the real reason we are here….

What is the most challenging part of writing for you? To actually do the writing. I have so many stories all composed in my head, but the struggle is to force myself to actually get them transcribed onto paper.

What aspect of writing would you most like to improve on? I’d like to pick up the pace. To write one page is an accomplishment for me. I think too much, and do too little. Other authors talk about writing 4K a day. That’s like a months worth for me. Which is probably why I’ve been working on a novel for about 10 years.

What attracted you to the romance genre? While I am a hopeless romantic, and my stories usually included a touch of romance, no matter the central genre, I kind of landed here by accident. A friend, Staci Brush, suggested I submit my stories to Rebel Ink and here I am. I hadn’t really thought of them as purely romance stories.

What have you learned the most from being in the writing business? That the real work starts after the book is completed. I had no idea of all the networking & promoting that must be done. It’s opened up a whole new world for me and introduced me to a lot of wonderful people.

Tell us about your most current release…. ‘Twisted Hearts Tales’ is four stories of romance, in which the path towards love is filled with twists and turns. An awkward teen gets caught up in the fantasy of an online love affair which he wants to delete. One woman’s heart will stop at nothing to win the affection of her dream man, who is married to her sister. More than the waves are turbulent when an engaged couple go sailing with an old friend. And a teen makes the ultimate sacrifice to earn a young beauties attention.

How do you most identify with the leading character? One of the stories comes from an experience in my own life. For those who read the book it should be pretty obvious of which one could really happen, but I’m not going to give it away. In about all of the stories is a common theme of trying desperately to achieve love and I unfortunately can relate to that.

How are you most different? My characters are much more brave and daring than I am.

 An excerpt from his book Twisted Hearts Tales…

     Nine fifty eight...My watch still read nine fifty eight. It’s amazing how slowly time moves when you’re waiting for something. A cashier at Felds Market, my favorite part of the day was ten a.m. when Shelly Morgan arrived to begin her shift in Lane twelve, two across from mine. Every morning I woke up anxious to go to work and experience the blessed moment when she passed by on the way to her position and said, ‘Hi, Andy.’ It probably meant nothing to her, just two simple words uttered on instinct without  any thought. But it was my moment of glory.

    Never had a girl struck me as much as Shelly but of course, being a junior in high school several had caught my eye. None who wanted anything to do with me. The closest experience I’ve ever had to a date was going out to dinner with my grandma.

    Nine fifty nine still one more minute, my legs started to tremble.

    It had been almost a month since she started at Felds Market and it was on her first day that she pulled the strings of my heart. There was a glow of angelic spirit around her that I’d never witnessed before. While in her presence I felt a harmonious peace around me and had visions
of our future together.

    The sound of her sweet, tender voice nearly melted my heart and the spark in her bright blue eyes lit up my soul. After hearing, ‘Hi, Andy,’ I always felt alive, and like everything was right in the world.

    Most days along with the ‘Bye,’ at the end of the shift, they were the only words we shared. There were other opportunities for conversation, especially during the slow times, but it was hard for me find the courage to talk to her.

    She spent most of her free time with Luke Johnson, Lane thirteen. Every girl and even most women in Phillips County adored Luke and Shelly was no exception. He was everything I wished I could be. He had it. Whatever it is. All he had to do was enter a room and the females were drawn to him.

    Ten…My heart racing and palms sweaty, I turned and saw her glide through the door, her light blonde hair glistening  in the  morning sun.

    I tried to swallow the lump in my throat, but my mouth was too dry. The moment I’d anxiously awaited and also dreadfully feared had arrived. This was no ordinary day, but today we would expand on our usual exchange of greetings.

It was a pleasure having you today:) And you can find Mike and his book at:

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