Woody Probes...Bethany Cross

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Woody Probes...Bethany Cross

I'm delighted to welcome the lovely Bethany Cross whose a fellow Rebel and also a dear friend. Like me, she's a new author and we've been trying to help guide each other along. It's also no secret that I've been wanting to probe her.

Would you Prefer…to never have sex, only foreplay Or to be able to have sex but only in your least favorite position? Have sex in least favorite position definitely…the partner is way more important than the position, besides I don’t know that I really have a least favorite.

Would you Prefer…to rip your pants in public Or to wet your pants in public? Rip, for sure…nothing wrong with showing a little skin.

Can you describe an embarrassing moment from your life? I don’t embarrass easy

What movie title best describes your sex life? I would say probably…’Once is Never Enough’

Now we’ll get to the real reason we are here….

What is the most challenging part of writing for you? Finishing one story before starting the next, I have a bad habit of working on several stories at the same time

What aspect of writing would you most like to improve on? Punctuation…I seem to be allergic to comma’s

What attracted you to the romance genre? I have had a love affair with romance novels for as long as I can remember. What a feeling, the excitement of living the writer’s story for a short while as you drift through the pages towards that happily ever after or happy for now ending. I love that feeling and hope my story telling passes that feeling along to my readers.

What have you learned the most from being in the writing business? That writing the story is the easy part…who knew, right? Getting your name out there and keeping it there is the challenge with all the wonderful writers on the market.

Tell us about your most current release…. ’Mr. Thursday Night’ is my first release with Rebel Ink Press scheduled for release March 3, 2012. It is an interracial erotic romance about a couple from two different backgrounds...she is a Lawyer from a well to do family with high society connections and he is a thugg from the hood, a gang leader. Both have good reason not to let their families and friends know about their relationship. But they find peace and their true selves in the time they spend together on Thursday nights.

What was your leading inspiration for the piece? I wanted to tell a story with more than the boy meets girl, boy gets girl story line…it’s more of a don’t judge a book by its cover story.

How do you most identify with the leading character? Catherine and I actually share a lot of personality traits…one being boldness…LOL

How are you most different? She worries a lot more about what society thinks than I would.

Do you have a favorite scene? Why? You are welcome to share an excerpt…Of course my favorite scene is a spicy one, and not knowing what level of heat you allow on your blog, I’ll give you a little taste without too much of my characters being bad…

Catherine reached up and tugged the stick freeing her waist length blonde hair. She inched toward Ty. One by one she loosed the row of pearl buttons down the front of her blue silk blouse, making a show of pushing each through the eyelets. Slowly, seductively, she let the fabric slide over her shoulders and down her naked flesh, floating to the floor. At the sight of her tight, erect nipples he ran his tongue over his full bottom lip. Her skin tingled with excitement.
Turning her back to Ty, she reached around and unzipped her black skirt. Hooking her thumbs on each side of the waist band, she shimmied the skirt over her hips and down her legs to her ankles, baring her ass to him but for the tiny strip her red lace thong covered. She heard him groan…

Thank you very much for being here today and best of luck! Where can we find you online?
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