Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bethany Cross on Writing Romance

07 June 2012

Like so many other Authors, I am asked over and over why I write Romance. My answer...because I enjoy it:)

No matter what is going on in life, there is nothing like getting lost in a good book. Reading is a great escape from all the daily stresses and writing takes it up a notch. Writing my own stories gives me the freedom to make up my own characters, conflicts and outcomes.

And since I love to read Romance, it just seemed logical when I started writing that it would be Romance. Besides, I get to do research for my heros, and who wouldn't want to sit around looking at pictures of sexy guys in the name of research?

As far as I am concerned, I have the greatest job in the world. I get to tell all these wild stories and never get accused of lying. I get to work all day in my PJ's if I want and never get accused of being lazy. I get to fantasize about all these hot, sexy men and never get accused of cheating or being a perv...well sometimes I do get accused of being a perv (but that's another story).

And I get to do research...lots and lots of research...did I mention the research???

I have people tell me all the time; I wish I could write. Well, everybody can write and like anything else...the more you do it the better you get. And, my advice to them is write, write and write some more.  

Or, I would write but it is just so hard to get published. Don't give up! And if you don't get published right away, so what? There are plenty of publishing houses out there and just because a story may not be excepted at one publisher doesn't mean it won't find a home at another.

I am also asked where the inspiration comes from for my stories. My answer...Everywhere! I don't know about everyone else, but as a writer I find myself looking at the most ordinary things and, that would make a great story.

A sound, a smell, a picture or the changing of the seasons can spark a new story. Okay, let's face it Love is a basic human need, and since I am such a romantic my characters reflect that in their story. And even though I write Erotic Romance, it's not just about the sex, like in real life getting them to that point is half the fun:)

I like to say: Erotic Romance Authors write just happens to have sex in it;) and it is true. 

Pick up a book, any book...and nine times out of ten it will have sex in it no matter what genre it is labeled as. The label of Erotic just brings attention to the fact that sex is in the story. 

Now, I will be the first to admit that not everybody's imagination is as wild as mine but everybody has one. And where most people may just see a book;like most writers I see an adventure. A tiny glimpse into the wonderful world of someone elses imagination no matter what genre it fits into...

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