Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Releases from Rebel Ink Press


Coming August 2013...

Suzzana C. Ryan...


Jonathan Mandrake lost his beloved wife. He loved Theresa and when she died, she took his heart with her. Her death began his descend into his own personal hell.

Theresa harbored her own dark secret, one even she was unaware of and learned of when she woke, no longer human. Hell had taken her years before along with her mortal soul.

A dark stranger possessed her soul and claimed it for his own, demanding she give him love, a rare commodity for a vampire. However, she had one true love and she embarked on a journey to take that love into hell with her.

It’s said if a vampire destroys its maker, it frees their mortal soul to rest in peace. However, a soul may wander in the abyss forever. Some souls find their way back but are always searching for their mate. Some leave their fate to destiny. The lucky ones find each other in time. Love can conquer all.

Alex Jones...


Fear. It was the twitch in his subconscious, like a word stuck in his throat he could never quite say.

Adrian’s life is simple: go to work, come home, look no one in the eye. If you don’t take risks, you won’t die. That’s what life has taught him, and in the urban sprawl of the industrial Oregon coast, it’s kept him alive. He hasn’t had a panic attack in months.

Then one night, a winged man named Cassius makes a crash landing on his doorstep. Out of fear of the government Adrian hides him. But Cassius is more than he seems and when the winged shifter’s haunted past comes knocking, Adrian learns the true meaning of fear. He must find the courage to face the darkness or risk losing the man he has grown to love.

Bethany Cross...


Jesse Morlan is a cowgirl in every sense of the word. Born on a ranch in Montana, when her mother died during childbirth, her father, Jeb Morlan, and his partner, Chief, took over her raising. Without the influence of a mother, Jesse learns to out ride, out smart and out talk every man she runs across. Her father’s death leaves Jesse to take over where he left off; becoming the best trainer of cutting horses in the state leaving her little time for a love life.

Joseph Wolfe returns to the ranch after years of being away to take his place as rightful heir when the ailing Chief calls. But for Joseph, taking on the care of his elderly uncle and the responsibilities of half of such a large and successful ranch are nothing compared to the uncertainty he faces seeing Jesse again.

Separated at such a tender age and under such extenuating circumstances; will she allow him to explain why he had to leave so long ago without as much as a goodbye? Or will she slap his face and send him on his way in that self-protecting, Cowgirl Way?

D.R. Slaten...


Daniela Sinclair is a trust fund baby who believes she can make a difference in the world by making the wishes of sick children come true. Noah Barker is a major league baseball player from a common background who agrees to fulfill a sick child's wish. Together they burn up the sheets. Unfortunately, they also cause a family member to burn in anger. In a stunning case of betrayal, the home run ending they both envisioned is threatened and they teeter on the brink of striking out.

Donna Steele...


Nikki Setzer thought she knew what she wanted and transformed herself to get it. Now she's having to do it again, to escape.

Micah Allen is in a new town starting his own law firm on a shoestring. The last thing he wants to do is harm some woman he keeps running into, literally. But they do keep running into each other and this woman definitely has some secrets.

Can Nikki allow Micah to get close? How much danger is he in if she does? This place is beginning to feel like a home with friends. Does she dare let down her guard?

Anna Kristell...


Lily Wells has been in love with David Black since she was fifteen years old. When she was eighteen, he broke her heart, leaving her with a promise that the year they turned thirty, if neither was married, they would find a way to reconnect. As fate would have it, twelve years later, while she is in her hometown for her grandmother’s funeral, she runs into David.

Still as breathtakingly handsome as ever, now a prominent Texas attorney, he makes it clear he’s a confirmed bachelor. After one perfect, romantic weekend together, Lily returns to her job as the acquisitions editor for a New York City publishing house, knowing that a life with David is still her heart’s desire.

Believing that to him she’s only one of his many female companions and that he has no recollection of the promise she’s clung to for the past twelve years, she goes on with her life in the Big Apple. She and David remain in contact with each other, however, seemingly growing closer. Will he break her heart a second time or is it possible that she’s misreading the signs?

Lila Munro...


Drake O’Malley is in between deployments and looking to hook up, but not on a permanent basis. Steele Image, Fayetteville, North Carolina is his team’s regular haunt. While most of what goes on in the back isn’t Drake’s style, the club does make a righteous Irish Car Bomb. And the girls who grace the doors aren’t bad either. If only Drake could find one that liked the occasional spanking, wasn’t into the whole twenty-four seven scene, and would let go when he disappeared on a mission. Someone with some spice…

And spice is what he gets when Nutmeg Newman shows up. She’s not looking for a permanent mate, just a good time. In fact, she let’s go on cue and isn’t heard from again until her sister, Coriander, comes knocking on Drake’s door with a special Christmas surprise. One wrapped in a cute pink package complete with hair bow...

Helen Ogrodnick...


Edith Davis is a loving wife and mother of four teenage boys who works in the quality control department of the local silk mill. When a coworker asks her to attend a gathering with him, Edith accepts and as a result, she’s hypnotized and regressing into her past lives where she discovers she’s been sentenced to death for practicing witchcraft. When she finds out her fifteen year old son is practicing witchcraft, she wondered if he’s inherited the trait from her. So Edith decides if she is a witch, she’s only going to practice white witchcraft, vowing she never to harm anyone. But when Edith finds out her husband is cheating on her, can she keep her promise?

Jane Wakely...


Dawn only wanted to spend her life with one man. Despite his secrets, she knew Victor was meant for her. As their relationship grew, she patiently waited for the trust he never gave until he unexpectedly said goodbye and disappeared leaving no way to be found. He took his secret and left her with a broken heart.

He should have stayed away from her, but the pull was too great. Victor wanted to know what it felt like to be held by the one woman destined for him, his one true love. But he was in too deep. The thought of seeing Dawn look at him with hatred or disgust was worse than spending an eternity alone. She’d be able to love again and never know what a true monster he was.

After six months of watching them live in misery, a mutual friend persuades both Victor and Dawn to agree to a blind date in an effort to try and move on. Neither suspects their friend’s plan and soon they find themselves sharing a hotel room at an exclusive resort for the weekend. Desperate for each other, they agree to one last night together—until that one night of passion changes everything.